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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before booking your tour. Please note that if English is not your first language then it is your responsibility to ensure that you have clearly understood these terms and conditions.

‘We’ in this policy refers to Experiential Travel Africa hereafter referred to as ETA.


Liability and waivers

For some excursions we may require participants to sign a liability release and/or assumption of risk form before participating in the excursion.

By taking part in an excursion guests are accepting and committing to follow the instructions and regulations received by the guide /expedition leader.

Before booking any activity excursion it is very important, and your responsibility, that you and any member of your party that has booked an excursion to check that your travel insurance covers the specific type of excursion booked.

If you participate in an excursion involving water, you should take care in avoiding alcohol and eating a full meal. Where buoyancy aids are provided for an activity they must be worn at all times. Be aware that the sea is unpredictable. Life guards are not always present and there may not be a flag or other system to indicate whether or not it is safe to go in the water. In addition, beach activities may not be supervised or accompanied so take care to satisfy yourself as to the safety of the beach and/or the sea at the time of your excursion. Children must always be supervised by you at all times whilst on an excursion, especially near water.

You and all members of your party, by booking a place on any excursion where there is a degree of physical exertion involved, confirm that you and all those others who have booked are in good physical and mental condition, with no history or condition such as seizures, dizziness, fainting, heart condition, respiratory problems or back/neck problems, or any other medical condition of body or mind which could make physical exertion or lack of access to immediate medical care hazardous (these examples are not exclusive) or any other illness, infirmity or condition that would preclude you from participating in any excursions that you have selected. You should also make sure that no one in your party who has booked such an excursion is taking medicine that carries a warning about impairment of physical or mental abilities.

If you are pregnant, certain excursions may not be suitable for you. When booking any excursions, it is your responsibility, including any member of your party that has booked an excursion, to make sure that you are fit and well enough to take part in any excursion booked and to take care of yourself whilst on it.

ETA undertakes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for the misrepresentations, breaches of contract, breaches of statutory duty, negligence or intentional or accidental conduct of any of the third party providers hired directly by guests

Booking for activities

Before booking your Shore Excursion, please confirm and check that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. The booking shall be deemed to be successfully complete only upon full payment.

We will confirm your booking by issuing a confirmation receipt by email. We will communicate with you using the email address you have provided. We will assume that your email address is correct and that you understand the risks associated with using this form of communication.

Once we have received and confirmed your reservation, you the ‘Lead Passenger’ will become contractually liable for the goods and services booked.

You or any member of your booking may be prevented from participating in an excursion (whether pre-booked or not), if it is determined that you or any member of your booking is unsuited to undertake the excursion, or if you or they appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In the event that you are prevented from undertaking the excursion for any of these reasons then you may not be entitled to any refund of the cost of the excursion booked.

ETA will not be responsible for possible variations to the program due to local holidays and/or closing of the sites to be visited and/or any other event (strikes, demonstrations, mechanical breakdowns, etc.), which could prevent from performing the tour in a complete or partial way. The routing and timing of each tour will be reconfirmed. Every tour requires a minimum number of participants and may have a maximum limit of participants. If the minimum number of passengers required is not achieved, the excursion may be cancelled. In this case the reserving passenger will receive a full refund of all money paid for the concerned excursion.


The extent of insurance coverage in foreign countries varies widely and depends on specific laws and customs. We recommend guests to obtain your own insurance protection before leaving your home countries against loss or damage to baggage and personal effects, trip cancellation and emergency evacuations, accidental death or injury, illness and medical expenses sustained or incurred in connection with your trip. ETA cannot assume liability for baggage or other personal effects lost or damaged while those items are in the custody of an airline, hotel or other service provider.


The printed duration times for each excursion are approximate and the departure time on your record of shore excursions and excursion ticket will be the time that the last vehicle will leave. The order of sites as advertised within the shore excursion description may vary, and itineraries may operate in reverse order to that described. Prior to arrival in each port of call, the departure times of each excursion will be confirmed. Timings are subject to change should the arrival time at any port be delayed, or the itinerary for any particular excursion be amended. Please bear in mind that at some ports of call it will be necessary to walk some distance to reach your mode of transport.


On board the excursions can be modified up to 48 hours prior to the commencement of the booked shore excursion. If you want to cancel the shore excursion onboard, no cancellation fees would be applied, provided if the cancellation was made 48 hours prior to the commencement of the booked shore excursion.

Tours involving flights, trains, special events, overnight stays, hotel stays, and Private Expeditions must be cancelled 30 days prior to docking to avoid cancellation penalties. Other restrictions may apply.

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the prices, offers, which are published in relation to any goods and services advertised, are correct at the time of booking. However, if there is an error we reserve the right to correct it as soon as we become aware of it. If any corrective change is not acceptable to you after you have booked, then you will be entitled to a full refund of what you paid for the goods and/or services booked.


Mode /Type /Fleet of transportation may be varied from one destination to another.ETA shall always be envisaged to provide standard transport to suit specific seating configurations.


Guests unable to board a coach by the steps or who are unable to transfer into a standard car should contact the office by sending an email prior to the confirmation. The office may be able to provide advice and assistance in arranging private, tailor made tours in adapted vehicles, dependent on availability. Guests unable to board a coach by the steps and who are able to transfer into a standard car (provided the wheelchair is a suitable size to be stored in the trunk) should contact the Office .The Office will assist in arranging a private car which will be charged extra to Guests’ invoice. You are strongly advised to read the excursion description to ensure that your chosen excursion is suitable for your individual personal requirements.


These Terms and Conditions are subject to the Law and Jurisdiction of the local country where the excursion will be undertaken.

Plan Your Excursion

Our Shore Excursions Department focuses exclusively on handpicked shore excursions. We capitalize on our expertise to select the top-quality shore excursions delivered by local expedition leaders. Since we are not operating as a cruise line that carter to big groups per day, our cruise excursion packages allow you to travel in much smaller groups offering a more personalized experience. We offer the full spectrum of unique cruise excursions that cannot be purchased from the cruise line. We encourage you to browse through the wide variety of excursions or call us for personal advice.